Lawyer and Author Daniel Levin
Brilliant observations

Brilliant observations on
the anthropology of power


Asks the reader

Asks the reader to make a choice between cynicism and compassion


One of those people

One of those people who knows how the world really works


A penetrating portrait

A penetrating portrait of how the Middle East operates


Truly thrilling

Truly thrilling


Proof of Life

by Daniel Levin

Daniel Levin was at his office when he got a call from an acquaintance with an urgent, cryptic request to meet in Paris. A young man had gone missing in Syria. No government, embassy, or intelligence agency would help. Could he? Would he? So begins a suspenseful, shocking, and at times brutal true story of one man’s search to find a missing person in Syria over twenty tense days. Levin, a lawyer turned armed-conflict negotiator, uses his extensive contacts to chase leads throughout the Middle East, meeting with powerful sheikhs, drug lords, and sex traffickers in his pursuit of the truth. He also discovers remarkable people who retain their essential goodness and spirit in the face of adversity.

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Proof of Life is a true James Bond story for our time…”

Author Daniel Levin

Daniel Levin has spent the last twenty years working with governments and development institutions worldwide. A lawyer by profession, he is an advisor on political and economic affairs, from financial development to conflict resolution. He is currently a member of the board of the Liechtenstein Foundation for State Governance.

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